Diverse and bold, with a long history stretching back hundreds of years, New York is reinventing itself as an epicenter of dynamic winemaking.


The state is home to the first winery in the United States, and producers are drawing on that background to produce some of the most exciting wines in the country.


Wine has been made since the 17th century and since the 1950s a successful focus on quality has taken hold to the point that New York is gaining a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s most transformative regions.


There is an incredible amount of diversity in climate and growing conditions: from Long Island, exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, to Hudson Valley, the historic heartland of New York wine, to Niagara and the Champlain Valley on the border with Canada, to Finger Lakes, which has established itself as a region that can compete with Germany, Austria, and the Loire Valley.  Think cool climate, expect the unexpected.


Our New York State of Wine series of monthly webinars seeks to showcase the diversity of the region through its wines and winemakers. Please sign up for the forthcoming webinars using the links below.



Webinar 8 - Boldly, Finger Lakes

Wednesday 7th April, 17:00 (UK)
Language: English

Jamie Goode returns for a deep dive into the Finger Lakes. He will be joined by winery representatives from one of the state’s most well-known regions to discuss climate, geography, influence of the lakes and explore the multitude of grape varieties that thrive here – and no, it’s not just Riesling!

HOST: Jamie Goode

PRODUCERS: Element Winery, Dr Konstantin Frank, Herman J. Wiemer



Webinar 1 - Boldly, Authentic

September 2020
Language: English

HOST: Richard Siddle


Webinar 2 - Boldly, Refined

October 2020
Language: English

HOST: Felicity Carter


Webinar 3 - Boldly, Individual

19th November 2020
Language: English

HOST: Essi Avellan MW


Webinar 4 - Boldly, Rooted

16th December 2020
Language: English

HOST: Jamie Goode

Webinar 5 - Boldly, Extreme

13th January 2021
Language: French

HOST: Olivier Borneuf


Webinar 6 - Boldly, Sustainable

17th February 2021
Language: English

HOST: Pascaline Lepeltier


Webinar 7 - Boldly, Global

17th March2021
Language: English

HOST: Felicity Carter


    The mission of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation is to promote the world-class image of New York grapes and wines from our diverse regions to responsibly benefit farmers, producers and consumers through innovative marketing, research, communication, and advocacy.

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